Maccari Marmi

Maccari Marmi

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The Maccari family has worked marble for many generations, mainly the marble of Siena, so much so that the name of Maccari is synonymous with Giallo Siena.

We know that Leopoldo Maccari has started quarrying in the Montagnola Senese around 1870, and that he had a workshop in Siena then.
Later, because of the difficulties of transporting marble blocs with the methods available at the time, work was transferred to Colle di Val d'Elsa, where it remains to this day.

Over the years our practices have evolved using the latest techniques, and in many cases developing the technology ourselves, as, for example the principle of Modulmarmo

Today we excavate and sell Siena Marbles, for which we are known throughout the world.

From many contracts we are been involved with, we would select the 100 columns of Giallo di Siena in the Royal Palace in Thailand; the sculptures for the Duca d'Aosta bridge, and the interior cladding of the Basilica of San Giovanni Bosco , in Rome; the Fontenay Park Palace , and the palace of the International Office of the Work (B I T), in Geneva; the Sheraton Premiere in Universal City in the U.S.A.: and the Regent Hotel in Milan as being amongst the most interesting and important.

Maccari Marmi
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